#19- Quite a Pair (50 Things I’ve Learned From Star Trek)

50 things I learned from

While I have been quite a detractor when it comes to the Star Trek reboots,  I am beginning to reform my ways- especially after seeing the latest movie Star Trek Beyond. While the new film series seems to still be lacking the philosophical and social depth, and character chemistry of the original series, this new film is definitely a step in the right direction.

One of the main complaints I had in the previous two films- not enough Bones- was rectified in Beyond. Not only was Doctor McCoy featured more prominently, but he also got to interact with Spock quite a bit- and it felt right.

Image result for star trek beyond spock and bones

One of my favorite parts of Star Trek is the banter between Spock and Bones.  It shows how much these two very different characters care about each other. If you’ve ever seen the cartoons that show the relationship between the mind and the heart, that’s exactly what’s going on here.  That’s Spock and McCoy’s relationship. Completely opposite, but both indispensable.

Image result for star trek the immunity syndrome spock and bones

One of my favorite episodes for Spock and Bones banter is “The Immunity Syndrome”.  In it, the Enterprise  has to fight a gigantic space amoeba that is eating everything. Kirk has to make the difficult decision of whether to send Kirk or McCoy on what is almost certainly a suicide mission to observe the inside of the organism. He decides that Spock is better qualified, and with great reservation, sends him out into the amoeba.

Related image

When the Enterprise crew has figured out how to destroy the organism, Kirk contacts Spock to let him know that they are coming to get him out.  Spock asks if that wouldn’t be a waste of their severely depleted power reserve, Captain?

“Shut up Spock, we’re trying to rescue you! ” Bones interjects.

“Thank you, Captain McCoy.” Replies Spock, raising an eyebrow.

That’s it. That’s my favorite line. Because even in their most desperate moments, these guys have room for levity in their relationship.


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