#16- The Space Family (50 Things I’ve Learned from Star Trek)

50 things I learned from

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from living in a house shared by three families, it’s that family isn’t limited to your own flesh-and-blood relations. Family is the people you have around you. The people who don’t notice if you’ve gotten taller, or if your face has changed, because they’ve been with you so constantly.  The people who understand your inside jokes. The people you laugh with and cry to, and celebrate birthdays, and holidays, and new album releases with.

That’s probably why I love it so much when TV shows, books, movies, etc. have characters with deep, platonic, even familial bonds. It makes me smile when writers, directors, and actors can bring a diverse group of characters together as family.

In my opinion, the Enterprise crew is the best found-family in space. I call them the Space Family. I think the Space Family really starts to come together in season 2. Sure, they’re good friends and co-workers in season 1, but by season 2, they’re the Space Family.

Image result for star trek crew original

I see it in the way Spock vouches for Kirk and Bones in front of T’Pau in “Amok Time”. And after the fighting is over, even though Spock won the battle, he is more heartbroken at the apparent death of Kirk than at the unfaithfulness of his fiance.

Image result for spock finding out kirk is still alive

I see it in “Journey to Babel” when Spock introduces his crew to his biological family; and Kirk sticks up for Spock in front of Spock’s disapproving father. And when Spock is torn between his loyalty to the crew, and his loyalty to his father. And when Kirk actually has to hand the bridge over to Chekov after making sure Spock does the right thing (but seriously, Uhura was right there. How delirious was he? The sixties strike again, I see.)

Image result for kirk meets spocks parents

I see it in “The Apple” when Captain ‘Dad’ T. Kirk calls out Chekov and Yeoman Martha Landon for being a little too affectionate when they’re supposed to  be working.

Image result for kirk chekov and martha landon

I see it in “The Trouble With Tribbles” when Uhura takes new-kid Chekov shopping with her (he may say it was the other way around, but don’t believe him for a minute). And when Scotty takes Chekov to the bar and to teach him about life, drinks, and when to punch Klingons. And in the way Kirk chastises them for it later.

Image result for kirk gets scotty and chekov in trouble

Basically, I’m really touched and inspired by the way the crew takes care of each other. I hope everyone can have a family, whether biological or not, (or both), that is this special.


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