#17- Phoning it In (50 Things I’ve Learned From Star Trek)

50 things I learned from

Before Mike Nesmith learned that he could Skype into concerts with his fellow Monkees from the comfort of his home, Captain James T. Kirk was already making video calls to the bridge of the Enterprise from the comfort of his bed.

Imagine you are the newest and youngest officer aboard the starship Enterprise. I’ll upgrade you to a gold shirt this time if that makes you happy. Also, you’re not a nameless, navigator-of-the-week this season. Now you’ve got a more permanent claim to the spot, (and a terrible Davy Jones wig).

Image result for amok time chekov and sulu

You’ve only been on the ship a wery short time,  and a lot of strange stuff has already happened to you… Like that one time you got the stomach flu, and a genetically engineered superhuman nearly tore you apart when you finally got out of the bathroom, (he really will never forget that, you know).

Image result for spock asks to go to vulcan amok time

Today has been no exception. You’ve been changing destinations between Altair VI and Vulcan at the competing whims of Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock. You don’t mind so much. It gives you something to do, and it’s been sort of a running joke between you and Mr. Sulu.

Image result for amok time chekov and sulu

Now, you’re working a night shift, (hey, you’ve got to put in all the hours you can if you want to make lieutenant). Mr. Spock orders you to change course to Vulcan again. You should have seen it coming.

Image result for captain kirk calling the bridge from his quarters

Then, Captain Kirk calls in to tell you the exact same thing. But wait one minute- you shuffle uncomfortably in your seat- is he calling you from bed? Is this a thing that captains do?

Image result for captain kirk calling the bridge without a shirt journey to babel

It seems a little undignified, uncaptainly, even. But… it must mean he’s comfortable with you. You’re part of the Space Family now. At least you don’t have it like Mr. Spock. The captain called him from his quarters without even bothering to put his shirt on while Spock’s parents were aboard!

It’s his ship, his rules, I suppose.





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